If rebooting your router did not correct the problem, there is a good chance your router may be faulty. Try by passing your router by plugging the LAN from your power brick adapter, DIRECTLY into you laptop, desktop, game system or smart tv with an ethernet cable. Once cable is connected, try going to a web page or web service. If you connect to the internet, you have a faulty router and will need to replace it. If you did NOT connect to the internet, use a new ethernet cable and repeat this process. If you cannot connect after repeating with a new cable, please call 931-264-1029


Please make sure all power connections are secure and all cables are plugged into the correct ports. From your power brick, the port labeled POE should be the cable going to the radio outside of your house. The port labeled LAN is the cable that plugs into the back of your router.


If your connections are correct and secure and you still have no service, try rebooting your router. Most routers require a periodic reboot to clean the memory.

Follow instructions listed to the right to reboot your router.

Fast Forward Broadband is not responsible for the maintenance, repair or technical support of Subscriber-provided equipment, including but not limited to telephones, computers, routers, televisions and subscriptions, game systems, wi-fi extenders or any other related Subscriber-provided equipment. A service charge will be imposed upon the dispatch of a technician if there is damage to Fast Forward Broadband Equipment due to negligent use or abuse or if no fault is discovered in Fast Forward Broadband system or Equipment. Replacement of cables, radios or any other Fast Forward Broadband owned Equipment, due to abuse, neglect or tampering, will be at cost to the customer.


Pictured are the backs of various routers. Notice different routers may have different colors for the ports. The port that is a different color is the incoming internet port. On some routers this port may NOT be a different color but instead may be labeled WAN,  or INTERNET. This is the port the LAN cable from your power brick adapter plugs into.


This is a tutorial of how to install a new router. Please note the word modem is used in this video. Modem is referring to your radio OUTSIDE of your home. You do not need to make any changes to your radio. Follow instructions for the ROUTER only.

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