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Fast Forward Broadband is not responsible for the maintenance, repair or technical support of Subscriber-provided equipment, including but not limited to telephones, computers, routers, televisions and subscriptions, game systems, wi-fi extenders or any other related Subscriber-provided equipment. A service charge will be imposed upon the dispatch of a technician if there is damage to Fast Forward Broadband Equipment due to negligent use or abuse or if no fault is discovered in Fast Forward Broadband system or Equipment. Replacement of cables, radios or any other Fast Forward Broadband owned Equipment, due to abuse, neglect or tampering, will be at cost to the customer.

Fast Forward Broadband is NOT a satellite service. We are TRUE BROADBAND and our service is based on radio frequency. In order to provide service to you, radios must have a direct line of site to communicate, therefore SERVICE IS NOT AVAILABLE IN ALL AREAS. 
To check for service availability please submit the form below.