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Introducing AMPLIFI  !!

In Home Dual band AC Router with color LCD display and 2 range extenders for large houses requiring more WIFI coverage.

$ 159.00


All 3 of these are configurable with an app on your mobile device.


In home WIFI is one of the largest problems in today's internet world.  Over 80% of all internet connectivity issues are directly related to your router.  With more and more people getting connected everyday and so few usable channels on most routers interference between homes is an ever increasing problem.  Most users assume they need more power so they buy routers with many antenna's and hope this will solve the problem.  In most cases it only makes it worse, because now theirs will be interfering more with neighbors so they have to go get a big router and now everyone is back to the original state, interfering with each other.  The solution to the problem is a router that is more adaptive and intelligent, with the ability to shift channels on the fly to avoid interference and to be able to differentiate between the neighbors 9 antenna rig and your laptop.  While no router is immune or perfect the routers above have been specifically designed for the task and we have deployed them with good results.  Your router is an integral part of your internet experience and buying the cheapest one or the one with the most antenna's is not the answer, the RIGHT router will make your experience much more enjoyable and a lot less troublesome.

In Home Dual band AC Router with color LCD display and 2 additional AP's for High Density applications requiring large numbers of devices to be connected at the same time.

In Home Dual Band AC Router with color LCD readout screen